Have you found that the identical fake beliefs hold developing over and over – despite the fact that intellectually you realize they aren’t authentic? This is what Betty is struggling with:

"Many times I actually have identified a false notion via my steering however I find that almost all the time, I slip again into the old belief- even though my steering has supplied me with the truth. Do you have got any recommendations approximately helping to simply combine the fact? Have you determined some thing that works for you?"

There are steps to restoration a fake belief. The first is what Betty is relating to – going to your Guidance for the truth.

The second step is that you need to always deal with your self in step with the truth. For instance, you discover that your fake perception is which you aren’t proper sufficient, and you then visit your Guidance for the truth. Your Guidance tells you that you are a stunning spark of the Divine, so of path you are appropriate sufficient. But then, if you preserve to desert your self – via ignoring your feelings by using staying focused on your head, or by way of judging yourself, or by means of numbing your feelings with addictions, or by way of making a person else responsible for loving you and making you sense secure and worthy – why would your inner baby agree with you?

To heal a false perception, you need to continually treat yourself like you’ll deal with a stunning spark of the Divine. Only while you do this, and do it through the years, will the fake notion heal.

Rob requested the following question approximately fake ideals at some point of one in every of my guides:

"I even have a question about false beliefs of the wounded self. I even have diagnosed a couple of debilitating ideals that actually bring about emotions of apathy and depression and because I have a tendency to be a bit OCD, they tend to persist. I recognize in my thoughts that the ideals are fake but they’re nonetheless in my unconscious. There is still emotional fee on them. My query is: will simply looking at them reason them to diminish over time and vanish or do I need to do something additional? Maybe I want to wish for guidance on how to replace the false perception with a true one. Is this something that I need to talk with my better self about? I am careworn approximately the mental versus the emotional additives of ideals. Thank you for this notable direction, it’s definitely tremendous and facilitates me clarify many stuff."

I told Rob the identical aspect I advised Betty – it is treating ourselves lovingly that heals false ideals. Healing beliefs isn’t always absolutely an intellectual process – it takes loving movement. Apathy and melancholy are warning signs of self-abandonment, so Rob might want to discover how he’s forsaking himself, and what movement(s) could be loving to himself, so as to start to heal the false beliefs. The more he treats his inner toddler as a cherished being, the extra the unfaithful ideals get healed.

I recognise this from my personal enjoy and my revel in with heaps of clients. When I now look at lists of false beliefs I used to have, I’m so grateful that I don’t have them anymore. It took time and lots inner work practice to heal them, however the neural pathways for these ideals that were housed in my decrease mind have been changed with new neural pathways in my higher brain – pathways primarily based at the truth as a substitute then the lies of the wounded self. It turned into now not simplest understanding approximately those beliefs that have been now not actual, however centered loving motion that created those robust new neural pathways.

You will discover that the more you are taking loving action on your personal behalf, the weaker your false ideals grow to be.