A litany of critiques of 2016 array social media on the last day of the year. A outstanding 12 months for a few, however interestingly, and I quote, "the hardest 12 months" for many. It turned into genuinely the hardest 12 months I’ve regarded, and that is announcing some thing – to eclipse 2014, whilst we lost Nathanael.

In such a lot of approaches 2016 has left me speechless, however equally, with a renewed remedy. I do not fake for one moment that 2017 might be any ‘simpler’, however one aspect for certain, I’m readier I assume for regardless of the new year will throw at me than what I became 366 days in the past.

Like the Maya Angelou quote, "People will neglect what you said, humans will forget what you did, but people will never overlook how you made them feel," a 12 months like 2016 has left me a little numb. I may not forget about how this yr has made me feel. I’ll never overlook how some people made me feel this yr. Forgive, sure, I’m Christian, so I do recognize what I’m certain to do. But forget? Not certain it really is feasible or even God’s will. And, besides, I’m thankful that a few human beings made me sense this year; that the ones emotions delivered me to an area wherein I had to, normally, attain out to God.

If there are aspects of this 12 months that are unforgettably real, times you’ve got been left so speechless they have got left a mark at the psyche, a steeling is needed – if resilience for complication is to be embraced.

James (the New Testament letter) clearly knew it while he stated, "Consider it natural joy, my brothers and sisters, while you face trails of many types… " that we might find those times are anything but comfortable. But he also knew that if we thought approximately what God became building into us as we confronted our despairs, we ought to bear in mind it pure joy, for the reason that this quick existence can be over after only some dozen extra New Year’s.

If the yr left you speechless, thank God which you shut up long enough to pay attention Him speak.

That’s the simplest aspect I’m thankful for: that, even though 2016 changed into the hardest 12 months, I’m thankful for the classes I’ve learned.

If the yr left you speechless, thank God you step into 2017 readier than ever to stay.